Is Letting Go the Right Thing?

by Tom Harrison Jr on July 27, 2014

I have been leading a major change at the group I run at my current company. Parts of the technology I came to take over were so fundamentally defective that we had to abandon them. Other parts that are still in use were so broken we needed to replace them completely; part of this was […]

The Only Constant In Nature Is Change

by Tom Harrison Jr on June 15, 2014

In 7th Grade Science I had to write a paper supporting or refuting an assertion that space — the absence of matter — was a constant. I remember taking the counterpoint. While space exists everywhere, even what’s between protons, electrons but even the absence of something can only be compared to what presence it surrounds. […]

S3PO: Simple AWS S3 Gem that works like a File

June 11, 2014
Thumbnail image for S3PO: Simple AWS S3 Gem that works like a File

There are some great gems out there for handling common and complex tasks involving Amazon AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) as well as many other aspects of AWS. Fog is the biggie, and there are numerous forks. But at Pubget we like to keep things simple. We just wanted to treat things we store in […]

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iOS 7 Sync with Google and Google Apps using Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

May 25, 2014

If my iPhone does not beep, an event does not exist. If my contacts are not present, they cease to exist. My life is organized by my contacts and calendar, all of which are on one of my two Google accounts: Gmail for home, Google Apps for work. This is the state of my life. […]

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Make It Work, Make It Beautiful, Make It Fast: Reality 2: Old Code

May 14, 2014

I have had a lot of experience with old code. You know, that code that everyone who works with it knows has reached a point in its life where it needs to be taken out back and shot. The code where a simple bug fix creates several more. The code that you can’t really upgrade […]

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The Invincibles: Teams That Move Together

May 14, 2014

The part of my company that I am with now is in flux. This is a great deal better than what has been building: the need for flux … without any. The absence or delay of needed flux is caustic. Corrosive. Damaging. So when things change, people reassess. Let me rephrase: when people who are […]

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Names Matter; Software Engineering and Language Mastery

April 29, 2014

I think with my keyboard. I write overlong emails that need to be edited. I am not typical amongst my engineering peers. In fairness, they are probably better engineers. But do they write better code? Names Matter Expressive code isn’t about the programming language, it’s about the programmer. The folks at Thoughtbot have followed some […]

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Make It Work, Make It Beautiful, Make It Fast: Reality 1: New Code

April 5, 2014

We we develop software I think about these phases: Make It Work Make It Beautiful Make It Fast For example, if I spent some time, I could abbreviate this properly as regexp: /(Make It [WBF].*){3}/ because, yeah, anyone reading this is a geek and really thinks regular expressions are the most beautiful and expressive code […]

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Make It Work, Make It Beautiful, Make it Fast: Three Realities

April 3, 2014

I love this idea: Make It Work, Make It Beautiful, Make it Fast. But there are three realities in this messy world of ours. This is how I see my mantra working in all of them. At the moment, I am in all three realities at once, so there may be some truthiness, too. I […]

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Old Habits Die Hard (Exterminate! Exterminate!)

March 27, 2014

We are moving to a new platform. It’s the modern and rational version of our old platform. In the old platform, getting anything done was invariably a process of finding something that happened to work. We built little frameworks around the framework we had perverted in order that things would just get done. We developed […]

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